Looters clean out half-dozen stores in Philly after charges against police officer dropped

 September 28, 2023

Mass looting came to Philadelphia on Wednesday when a gang of around 100 juveniles cleaned out at least a half-dozen stores, ostensibly to protest manslaughter charges being dropped in a case where a police officer shot a driver.

Evidence showed that the driver had a knife, which the officer said he thought was a gun. The judge agreed that charges should never have been filed in the case, and dropped them.

The looters smashed windows and took items from a number of stores, including Apple, Footlocker, Lululemon, Family Dollar, Walmart, and Gamestop.

Police, many on bikes, arrested 15-20 suspects, but most of them got away. Given the decriminalization of "minor" crimes like shoplifting in many cities, it is doubtful that the suspects will do much jail time.

A caravan of vehicles

A caravan of vehicles reportedly took the teens from one location to another and stored the loot, which suggests that there was some preplanning and organization to the activity.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo posted video of some of the arrests, with one observer loudly telling people to record the police and to "keep your phones out!"

"Getting what they voted for"

John Nolte of Breitbart News characterized the looting as Democrats "getting what they voted for."

He said it all started with the George Floyd "protests" in Jun 2020, and that it was an attempt to "stop Donald Trump" from getting re-elected in 2020 (along with COVID-masking and shutdowns).

"When a Democrat-run government looks the other way, the bad guys come out to hurt the good guys," and advised people to get out of the cities if they could.

Even leaving the city plays into Democrats' hands, though, he said, because "once all the normal people flee, no one will be left to challenge their power (or dispute the vote counts)."

"Democrat-run cities are doomed because Democrat voters are dummies," Nolte declared. "They are so ginned up by hate, elitism, and their sense of victimhood that nothing โ€“ not even the destruction of their home โ€“ will wake them up."

Target closing stores

Philadelphia, the 6th largest city in the U.S., has joined a number of others that have seen mass looting in recent months and years, including, San Francisco, Portland, Beverly Hills, Seattle, and Chicago.

Target Corporation recently announced that it was closing nine stores in San Francisco, East Harlem, Seattle, and Portland because even locking up the merchandise has not prevented mass thefts from occurring there, and profits have been affected.

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