Poll shows majority of voters believe Biden played a role in politically motivated indictments against Trump

 August 31, 2023

A recent poll showed that a solid majority of American voters believe that President Joe Biden has played a role in the several criminal indictments issued against his chief political rival, former President Donald Trump, according to Breitbart.

That same poll also found a substantial majority believe the indictments themselves are politically motivated, a plurality believes they are intended to stop Trump from running for re-election, and majorities believe they are evidence of a double standard of justice as well as a deliberate distraction from the alleged wrongdoing of Biden and his family.

Biden played role in politically motivated indictments intended to stop Trump from running

The McLaughlin & Associates polling firm surveyed 1,000 likely voters between August 15-23, with an undisclosed margin of error, and included a series of questions about the four criminal indictments in five months that have been issued against former President Trump.

Asked if politics played a role in those indictments, 74 percent said that politics was a factor, including 55 percent who said it played a "major" role and 19 percent who said it played a "minor" role, compared to 19 percent who said politics played no role at all in the Trump indictments.

Following that, respondents were asked how much of a role President Biden played in the multiple indictments against his chief rival, and 60 percent said the current president did play a role -- 39 percent said a "major" role, and 21 percent said a "minor" role -- in indicting his predecessor while 29 percent said Biden played no role at all in the indictments against Trump.

Of those who agreed that Biden played some sort of role in the indictment of Trump, even substantial portions of those who support the current incumbent were included, such as 33 percent of Biden 2024 voters, 38 percent of those who approve of Biden's job performance, 40 percent of Democrats, and 50 percent of self-identified liberals.

The pollsters also asked respondents if they believed the several indictments against former President Trump were intended to prevent him from running for a second term in the White House, and they found that 49 percent said "yes" while 38 percent said "no" and 14 percent were undecided.

Trump indictments evidence of DOJ "double standard and bias," used to distract public from Biden crimes

Respondents to the McLaughlin poll were further asked if they believed there was a "double standard and bias" in President Biden's Justice Department, in that Trump and Republicans are targeted for prosecution for any missteps while Biden and Democrats are allowed to skirt accountability for alleged crimes.

A combined 59 percent agreed that there is a double standard and bias in Biden's DOJ, including 43 percent who "strongly" agreed, compared to a combined 29 percent who disagreed that the DOJ has a biased double standard, including 20 percent who "strongly" disagreed.

Finally, asked if Biden and the DOJ were pushing the Trump indictments to distract the public away from the allegations of bribery and influence-peddling and other crimes by the Biden family, 55 percent agreed, including 36 percent who "strongly" agreed, while 34 percent disagreed, including 23 percent who "strongly" disagreed.

Trump says indictments are examples of "election interference"

Those poll results seemingly indicate that solid majorities of the American people share the same assessment of the current situation for Trump as the former president himself laid out immediately after he was arrested and booked in Georgia in relation to the latest criminal indictment against him and other associates in Fulton County that is in regard to their efforts to challenge the disputed 2020 election results in that state.

"I really believe this is a very sad day for America. This should never happen. If you challenge an election, you should be able to challenge an election," Trump said. "I thought the election was a rigged election, a stolen election, and I should have every right to do that."

He noted that several prominent Democrats had previously challenged election results without being indicted, and asserted, "What has taken place here is a travesty of justice. We did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong, and everybody knows it."

"And that goes for the other ones, too," Trump added in reference to the other indictments against him. "What they are doing is election interference -- they're trying to interfere with an election. There's never been anything like it in our country before. This is their way of campaigning, and this is one instance but you have three other instances. It's election interference."

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