Melana's ex aide dishes on her possible return to the White House

 January 26, 2024

Melania Trump "never wanted" to be First Lady but she would have a "lot more freedom" if she returns to the role, according to an estranged former aide of Trump's wife. 

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told a far-left podcast that having Melania back in the White House would be "tragic" for the country.

She said Melania will have "a lot more freedom" now that her son, Barron, is grown up.

Melania's return

Melania has often been portrayed as a reluctant wife, but she "knew exactly what she was getting into," Winston Wolkoff said, adding many would be surprised at how in sync Melania and her husband actually are.

"She accepted it and she continues to accept it. People would be surprised by just how much they agree about things,” Winston Wolkoff noted.

Melania "has stood by him and will continue to stand by him because she is just like him,” Winston Wolkoff said.

"It’s a completely transactional marriage for both. She knew exactly who she married and warned him that all his secrets would come out if he ran for president.”

While they see eye-to-eye on many things, Melania "never wanted" to be First Lady during her husband's first term, Winston Wolkoff said.

If Melania were to return, it would be "the most tragic thing for our country" because Melania is a poor advocate for women, Winston Wolkoff claimed.

"She can talk about independence, she can talk about grace, but they're empty words, they mean nothing," she said.

Melania dismissed "opportunist"

Melania's absence from the campaign trail has led to speculation that she has moved on from her husband's political career, but President Trump has told supporters she will make a return soon.

"She wants to make America great again, too," he said in a recent interview.

Trump has all but won his party's nomination for the presidency and he is tied with President Biden in the polls, making Trump's return to power a real possibility.

Melania Trump had a falling out with Winston Wolkoff after she allegedly made a profit off of President Trump's inauguration.

Winston Wolkoff later leaked secret recordings of Melania in 2020 while promoting her book Melania and Me. At the time, Melania called Winston Wolkoff an "opportunist" who exaggerated what she knew about the Former First Lady.

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