Members of 'The View' join calls for Biden to step aside

 June 29, 2024

In a surprising move, members of the ABC's The View actually seem to be on board with the idea of replacing President Joe Biden on the Democrats' presidential ticket. 

The hosts joined in the calls during Friday's edition of their program, Fox News reports.

What makes this so surprising, of course, is that The View is a left-wing program that has been extremely pro-Biden.

But, apparently, Biden's debate performance was so poor that even these normally pro-Biden women have had a change of heart.

"It was really hard"

The segment, according to Fox, started off with The View's hosts playing "a montage" of moments from the recently held debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Suffice it to say that there were not a lot of good moments for Biden. In fact, there were practically none.

After the montage, the hosts weighed in on the situation, and Sunny Hostin went so far as to say that "most of us are mourning." That's how bad Biden did.

Co-host Sara Haines then suggested that Biden ought to step aside.

She said:

It was really hard to watch, and it kind of pains me to say this today, but I think President Biden needs to step down and be replaced. If we want to defeat Donald Trump in November, I absolutely think that, and I think Biden’s team saw it coming. I think that’s why they pushed for an earlier debate, so they’d have time to change course if needed."

Haines then called on Biden's people to have a "very hard conversation" with him.

"Stunningly worse than expected"

Surprisingly, none of The View hosts had anything positive to say about Biden. One, in fact, even admitted that Trump won the debate, which - if you know anything about The View - is a huge admission.

Despite all of this, Joy Behar made it clear that, if Biden does remain on the Democrats' ticket and if he does face off against Trump in November, she will still be voting for Biden.

After this segment ended, the hosts then speculated about who could replace Biden if Biden were to step aside.

The usual names were brought up, including Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

This is the Democrats' problem. If there was a good replacement for Biden, chances are that Biden would have been replaced already. But, there isn't.

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