Michelle Obama speaks out on Israeli music festival killings

 October 18, 2023

Former first lady Michelle Obama is speaking out after a massacre at an Israeli music festival at the hands of Hamas that killed 260 people.

Michelle Obama took the matter very personally, noting that many of the concertgoers were the same age as her own daughters.

The comments

"I'm like all Americans watching the images coming out of the region," the former first lady said Sunday, according to the Messenger.

"I can say that, as a mother, I cannot wrap my arms around how people must be feeling. I can't get the images of those young people who were gunned down attending a music festival because those kids were the age of my daughters," she added.

What happened

"Thousands of people were gathered for the Supernova trance music festival, around three miles from the border with the Gaza Strip, when in the early morning hours of Oct. 7, after a night of dancing in the Negev Desert near the Kibbutz Re'im, Hamas gunmen arrived with murder on their minds," CBS News reported.

"As partygoers ran for their lives, they were cut down. Israeli officials said at least 260 people were killed in the massacre, and others were taken captive to be held as hostages," it continued.

A deadly gathering

"While rockets rained down, revelers said, militants converged on the festival site while others waited near bomb shelters, gunning down people who were seeking refuge," the Associated Press reported.

"Many of the militants, who arrived in trucks and on motorcycles, were wearing body armor and brandishing AK-47 assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades," it stated.

The music festival attacks were sadly only part of the damage Hamas unleashed on Israel that day. Over 1,300 people were killed in Israel.

The day was noted as the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Israel is currently planning operations to retaliate against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

The former first lady's personal perspective makes the stories even more impactful as Americans consider the deaths and hope for an end to the violence.

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