Mohamed Al Fayed, father of boyfriend of Princess Diana, dead at 94

 September 3, 2023

Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of the boyfriend of Princess Diana, who was also killed in the tragic accident that took her life, has died at age 94.

According to Breitbart, the wealthy Egyptian-born businessman and owner of Harrods department store and the Fulham Football Club died of old age.

His family reported that he went peacefully, surrounded by family and friends.

Al Fayed long was reportedly shaken badly for years following his son's death in the fiery crash that claimed his life and that of Princess Diana, and spent years claiming that the crash was an intentional setup by the British establishment.

Family's statement

Al Fayed's family released a statement confirming his death.

"Mrs Mohamed Al Fayed, her children and grandchildren wish to confirm that her beloved husband, their father and their grandfather, Mohamed, has passed away peacefully of old age on Wednesday August 30, 2023," the statement read.

It added, "He enjoyed a long and fulfilled retirement surrounded by his loved ones."

Breitbart noted:

Al Fayed was convinced Dodi and Diana were killed in a conspiracy masterminded by Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He maintained the royal family arranged the accident because they did not like Diana dating an Egyptian. Al Fayed claimed that Diana was pregnant and planning to marry Dodi and that the royal family could not countenance the princess marrying a Muslim.

Al Fayed also blamed two London police chiefs and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for masterminding the death of his son in a 2008 inquest.

Social media reacts

Many paid tribute to the successful businessman, and some had the exact opposite reaction to news of the man's death.

Another X user called Al Fayed a "legend."

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