New study says number of Biden 'gotaways' equal population of Philadelphia

 July 3, 2023

A new analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that 1.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the country without being detained or stopped by Border Patrol in the less than three fiscal years President Joe Biden has been in office, nearly three times the "gotaway" number during the same period of former President Donald Trump's tenure and equivalent to the population of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Center Resident Fellow Andrew Arthur called the number a "gotaway tsunami" and said it was the most important indication that Biden has lost control of immigration.

“The president’s policies and his DHS secretary’s performance are increasingly degrading U.S. border security and endangering us all — and we have the numbers to prove it,” Arthur wrote.

The number of gotaways under Biden is not only equal to the population of Philadelphia, but it exceeds the populations of San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Charlotte, North Carolina, just to name a few.

Rate increasing

In this fiscal year alone, which is not over until September 30, there have already been 530,000 gotaways, which means the numbers are increasing even more this year than they have been.

Numbers at the border have increased since the end of Title 42 in May, which had allowed Border Patrol to immediately remove and deport individuals for health reasons.

The report also alleged that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed to satisfy “operational control” at the border as defined in the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which he is required to do.

No matter what laws Biden puts into place, the numbers just keep increasing. This is because he refuses to put in place the same things Trump used to get immigration numbers down, like Remain in Mexico.

In addition, foreign nationals now have the perception firmly engrained that Biden is permissive on immigration, so migrants are flocking to the U.S. southern border no matter what Biden does or says.

Towns straining

Border towns and even faraway sanctuary cities like New York are straining under the influx of illegal immigrants, both gotaways and the more than 2,184,124 illegal immigrants (admittedly a lowball figure) Biden's DHS and Border Patrol have let into the country since 2021.

As of October 2022, The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said that the true number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. under Biden is 5.5 million, and that number is now way out of date.

There's no doubt that these levels if illegal immigration are harming the U.S. and its legal citizens, causing increases in federal spending to process and transport migrants, as well as detain and house them temporarily.

In addition, many of the migrants are working illegally in the U.S. and are exacerbating the housing shortage in many areas.

In passing the Secure Fence Act, Arthur pointed out, Congress directed the U.S. government to build an actual fence and appropriated money for it, but that's yet another failure of Mayorkas and Biden, since they refuse to use already-ordered infrastructure and build the fence.

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