Newsom asks Supreme Court to intervene in homelessness crisis

 September 25, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the homelessness crisis that is crippling the Golden State.

Newsom claimed that lower court rulings have "paralyzed" city officials from addressing the issue by banning the enforcement of anti-camping laws.

“It’s time for the courts to stop these confusing, impractical and costly rulings that only serve to worsen this humanitarian crisis,” he said.

Newsom sees reason?

Newsom acknowledged that homeless encampments have rendered many public spaces "uninhabitable" for Californians.

"Business owners and residents near encampments are confronted by trash, used needles, and human waste, and increased instances of open drug use, property damage, theft, and break-ins," he said.

Newsom wants the court to review an appeals court ruling in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, which expanded a prior decision, Martin v. Boise, that prohibited cities from clearing away encampments if they do not have enough beds for the homeless population.

Newsom said he agrees in principle that homelessness should not be "criminalized," but he said the courts have taken things too far by effectively banning cities from protecting the public.

“While I agree with the basic principle that a city shouldn’t criminalize homeless individuals for sleeping outside when they have nowhere else to go within that city’s boundaries, courts continue to reach well beyond that narrow limit to block any number of reasonable efforts to protect homeless individuals and the broader public from the harms of uncontrolled encampments,” Newsom said.

Governor hints at ambition...

Homelessness has become a major blight on liberal-run cities across the country, especially in California.

It appears Newsom, who is clearly planning to run for president at some point, wants to show he is not held captive by the woke lunatics and is able to confront real problems.

The governor also shocked many when he rejected a transgender bill that would have allowed the government to seize custody of children whose parents don't affirm their gender dysphoria.

Prominent San Francisco Democrat Scott Wiener called the veto a "tragedy" for "trans kids who are living in fear."

While Newsom has written off 2024, it would appear he is inching ever so slightly towards sanity in preparation for a White House bid in 2028. He might by cynical and manipulative, but he's no ideologue.

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