Norwegian filmmakers faces up to three years in prison for saying men can't be lesbians

 December 15, 2022

Fox News has reported that a Norwegian filmmaker is being threatened with prison time for saying that men cannot be lesbians. 

According to the news network, lesbian filmmaker and actress Tonje Gjevjon was informed last month that she is being investigated under Norway's hate speech laws for a comment she made on Facebook to transgender activist Christine Jentoft.

Gjevjon faces up to three years in prison

In her remark, Gjevjon told Jentoff that men cannot be lesbians. Jentoff identifies as a lesbian mother despite being biologically male.

Jentoff earlier received a similar comment from a woman named Christina Ellingsen, who is also under investigation. If convicted, both women could spend as much as three years behind bars.

Gjevjon wrote, "It’s just as impossible for men to become a lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant. Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes."

As Fox News explained, Gjevjon made the post to protest a 2020 amendment to Norway's hate speech provisions which made "gender identity and gender expression" protected categories.

Gjevjon is a member of Women’s Declaration International Norway, an organization which say that the new law hinders free expression.

What's more, Fox News recalled an incident last year in which Gjevjon confronted Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality Anette Trettebergstuen.

"Will the equality minister take action to ensure that lesbian women’s human rights are safeguarded, by making it clear that there are no lesbians with penises, that males cannot be lesbians regardless of their gender identity, and by tidying up the mess of the harmful gender policies left behind by the previous government?" Fox News quoted Gjevjon as asking.

"I do not share an understanding of reality where the only two biological sexes are to be understood as sex," the government official responded, adding, "Gender identity is also important."

Pastor and politician acquitted on hate speech charges in Finland

News regarding Gjevjon's investigation came less than a year after a politician and pastor were acquitted of hate speech charges in neighboring Finland.

Fox News reported in March that allegations against Finnish Member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen stemmed from a 2004 pamphlet, comments made during a 2019 radio interview, and a tweet she put out in 2019.

The tweet featured a picture of the Bible opened to Romans 1:24-27 and was made in response to Räsänen's church having sponsored an LGBTQ Pride event.

For his part, Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola was indicted for putting up a copy of Räsänen's pamphlet on his church's website.

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