Obama is accused of being a 'climate hypocrite'

 August 4, 2023

Former President Barack Obama has just been accused of being a "climate hypocrite." 

The accusation comes from Jacobin writers Julia Rock and Andrew Perez.

Jacobin describes itself as "a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture." [emphasis added].

In other words, this article, targeting Obama, comes from his own.

"The opposite is true"

In their article - Barack Obama is a climate hypocrite - Rock and Perez contrast the present and the past - what Obama has been up to lately versus what he used to do, in the not-too-distant past.

As for the present, they write, ". . . former president Barack Obama and his top White House strategist David Axelrod have been publicly lamenting climate inaction and warning of the imperative to fight climate change — pretending that they are powerless bystanders who played no part in creating the escalating crisis."

But, Rock and Perez go on to write that, "in fact, the opposite is true."

"When [Obama and Axelrod] were in a position to limit future damage from climate change, they chose not to prioritize climate policy and instead expanded fossil fuel production — all while Obama and Democrats were rewarded with a gusher of campaign cash from the oil and gas industry."

In other parts of their article, Rock and Perez produce ample evidence showing how Obama used to support the fossil fuel industry. Take, for example, a look at this video.

"Memory-hol[ing] their culpability"

Rock and Perez go on to argue that the purpose of Obama's and Axelrod's newfound anti-fossil fuel agenda is "to memory-hole their culpability in the climate crisis."

"In refusing to acknowledge their past climate denial, Obama and Axelrod are relying on liberals forgetting what actually happened in the recent past (not an altogether risky bet)," Rock and Perez write. "Worse, they’re telling every other Democratic leader that lip service can still stand in for action."

Here is where Rock and Perez connect Obama to President Joe Biden, arguing that Obama has essentially made it possible for Biden to go up and give speeches supporting the left's climate change agenda while not taking action to further that agenda.

Lastly, Rock and Perez call upon Obama and Axelrod to admit the role that they have played in creating the climate "crisis" and to use "their huge platforms and influence to press Biden and other Democratic politicians to take more aggressive action."

I would not hold my breath waiting for such an admittance from Obama and Axelrod. Since when has being called a hypocrite ever bothered anyone on the left?

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