President Biden stumbles and trips during Philadelphia speech

 October 15, 2023

President Joe Biden, now 80 and more fragile than ever before, had yet another tripping accident, this time in Philadelphia. 

As the elderly, shockingly feeble president waved at those who showed up to see him at the Tioga Marine Terminal, he tripped while walking up the stairs to the stage where he spoke, according to Fox News.

Biden has tripped on several occasions, some of them more embarrassing than others, since taking office.

His apparent lack of ability to keep himself upright in front of crowds of people and television cameras is causing massive concern among White House aides, according to recent reports.

What happened?

The president stumbled several times while making his way to the stage, and the moments were caught on camera, quickly spreading around social media, generating mountains of criticism.

Fox News noted:

Biden has had several slips, stumbles and falls while entering and exiting various facilities, including Air Force One, since taking office, leading to questions about his mental and physical capabilities. In September, he nearly stumbled while exiting the presidential airplane.

Notably, just hours before his Philadelphia stumble, reports emerged that Biden's 2024 campaign team is terrified of additional falls and have taken measures to mitigate such humiliating and concerning incidents.

According to Axios, his campaign team wants the president to wear tennis shoes whenever possible and avoid stairs at all costs, which is an especially unsettling set of rules for the leader of the free world, as many have pointed out.

Biden was diagnosed earlier this year by his physician with "significant spinal arthritis," and has stumbled or fallen several times this year alone.

Social media reacts

Social media users tore into the president, noting that his physical and cognitive weakness makes America look weak on the world stage.

"America has a real sense of security with this man in position," one X user wrote, sarcastically.

Another X user wrote, "We have a houseplant for a President, which is frightening considering the mess he has made in international affairs."

Many top Republicans have called for Biden to take tests to determine whether or not he's fit to serve. Biden has resisted such calls.


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