Report reveals Biden's advisers worry about his age as he seeks a second term

 April 30, 2023

White House insiders have just admitted that President Joe Biden's old age has drawbacks, according to a new report from Axios.

This comes as Biden just announced last week that he will be seeking a second term as president of the United States.

Accordingly, the last thing Biden needs is members of his own White House to sound the alarm about his mental and physical capacity - or lack thereof - to lead this country.

But, if Axios's reporting is good, then that's exactly what just happened.

"Age has diminished his energy"

Axios claims to have spoken to some of "Biden's close advisers" for its report. And, it is these "close advisers" who admit that Biden's age has drawbacks for someone leading a country.

Axios reports, "Biden's close advisers say he's mentally sharp. But even some of them concede his age has diminished his energy, significantly limiting his schedule."

Axios adds:

Some White House officials say it's difficult to schedule public or private events with the president in the morning, in the evening, or on weekends: The vast majority of Biden’s public events happen on weekdays, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

This, of course, is not the first time that we are hearing about this. It was former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, in fact, who recently revealed "President Biden does nothing at 9 a.m.”

The White House, since the release of Axios report, has tried to push back against it. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O'Malley Dillon, for example, simply claimed that the report is "false."

Judge for yourself

At the start of that second term, were he to win the 2024 presidential election, Biden would be nearly 82 years old, which means that he would be about 86 at the end of the term.

These, of course, are only numbers. But, the problem for Biden is that he has already been demonstrating signs of old age, and experience tells us that the aging process is not going to slow down - and it's certainly not going to reverse itself - at this point in Biden's life.

Polls have demonstrated that Americans are very aware that Biden is showing signs of aging. A recent Harvard Harris poll, for example, found that 67% of participants said Biden is too old to be president and that 56% indicated that they have concerns about Biden's mental fitness.

Accordingly, there is no doubt that Biden's age will be a significant factor in the 2024 presidential election.

Biden has already given us a preview of how he is going to handle the issue. Biden, regarding his age, just recently said:

I respect [Americans] taking a hard look at it — I'd take a hard look at it, as well. I took a hard look at it before I decided to run, and I feel good. I feel excited about the prospects.

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