Some Republicans demand retaliatory prosecution of Biden, other top Democrats following Trump indictment

 April 1, 2023

The grand jury empaneled by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg voted on Thursday to criminally indict Republican former President Donald Trump, and that unprecedented act of indicting a former president -- which many believe is politically motivated -- immediately sparked demands from some for partisan retribution.

Several conservative-leaning legal experts, as well as even some left-leaning ones, predicted or outright urged Republican prosecutors to swiftly bring criminal charges against President Joe Biden, his family, or other prominent Democratic politicians, the New York Post reported.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told the Post that "all bets are off" following the Trump indictment and that, "as surely as night follows day," he said everyone should "expect grand jury indictments" of President Biden, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), among others.

"You can be sure that there are prosecutors across Florida and Texas right now who are looking for a state law hook into the Biden family," Fitton added. "And if they’re not, they’re not doing their jobs."

Time for GOP to "take off the gloves"

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project who previously served as a federal prosecutor, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and was chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee, told the Post, "Republicans need to learn how to take off the gloves and put on the brass knuckles and break glass jaws -- politically and legally, not physically," and pointed out, "If New York can turn a routine settlement of a business dispute seven years ago into a felony, I think our Republican AGs and DAs should get creative."

"Two wrongs don’t make it right, but it makes it even," he continued. "You just need probable cause. A grand jury can indict a ham sandwich. We just saw that in New York. And the Bidens actually committed real crimes. These are real crimes that the Bidens committed. There is smoking gun evidence that the Bidens were corruptly and illegally on Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs’ payrolls."

Similar to Fitton, Davis looked to certain states to take action and highlighted Biden family "oil and gas deals" that involved states like Texas and Louisiana. He further stated that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, both Republicans, "need to look at this," and added, "And if you can find a conspiracy and any of the overt acts of a conspiracy are committed in any of those states, you can bring charges."

Even leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky acknowledged to the Post, "The Republicans will be furiously seeking revenge and may try to pin Biden with something," though he seemed to imply that some issues, such as allegations of war crimes, would continue to remain off-limits regardless of partisanship.

"The precedent is set"

Rolling Stone reported that some Republican allies of former President Trump are demanding that the GOP-led House rapidly move forward with its committee investigations of President Biden, his family, and his administration in order to bring criminal indictments and prosecutions to bear in retaliation against Democrats.

"Now the House GOP has to continue to investigate the Biden bribes and refer for indictments. Just the beginning of the end for the Bidens," John McLaughlin, a top pollster for Trump told the outlet, and added, "This is all about Biden through Bragg countering the GOP investigation of the millions in communist Chinese bank wires to the Bidens. Classic political diversion."

Former Trump official Michael Caputo also suggested the committees "accelerate" their investigations, and in a show of confidence that Trump would win re-election in 2024, said, "In fact, I think President Trump should appoint an attorney general who will arrest Joe Biden for his China corruption on Inauguration Day 2025. There’s a far stronger case against Biden for his crimes and now the precedent is set."

"You wanna destroy our guy? We're gonna destroy your guy"

Even before the Trump indictment was handed down, there was already talk of partisan payback, as was revealed nearly two weeks ago by pundit Bill O'Reilly in a conversation with NewsNation host Chris Cuomo to discuss a lengthy interview he'd just conducted with the former president.

"If Donald Trump is arrested," O'Reilly predicted, "then it is 100 percent that the House of Representatives will refer criminal against the Biden family, possibly including the president himself."

"That will happen, because Republicans are gonna rightly say, 'You wanna destroy our guy? We're gonna destroy your guy.' That will happen," he added. "That's the big shadow that no one is talking about over this situation right now."

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