Rob Reiner destroyed on social media after outrageous 2024 statement

 September 11, 2023

One of President Joe Biden's biggest Hollywood elite supporters, who happens to be a raging, radical liberal with no sense of reality, made quite the claim regarding the 2024 presidential election. 

According to Breitbart, actor Rob Reiner insisted that the only way "democracy can survive" is if former President Donald Trump is convicted and imprisoned, and no third-party candidates run against Biden.

Ironically, many pointed out that his call was exactly what constitutes a real threat to democracy.

Reiner, a prominent fundraiser for the Biden campaign in 2020 and presumably for the 2024 election, was absolutely torched across social media for his bizarre and asinine statement.

Social media lights him up

Commentators from multiple outlets destroyed Reiner's tweet, in which he called for imprisoning Trump and the suppression of any competition for Biden in 2024.

"Hard Reality: For our Democracy to survive, two things have to happen. Donald Trump needs to be Convicted for Jan. 6th and there can be no Third Party Candidate," Reiner tweeted.

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first to point out the ridiculousness of Reiner's statement.

"I love when Democrats take a break from insisting that they are "Defending Democracy" to actually explaining a bit what they mean by "democracy" -- from trying to imprison their political adversaries, to suing to strike them from the ballot, to censoring the internet, to this:" Greenwald wrote, referencing Reiner's post.

Intense backlash

"Spoken like a true fascist. Claiming, in order for democracy to survive, you need to jail your politcal opponents & not let the American people decide on whether or not to vote for another party.This is priceless," The Constitutional Conservative wrote.

To provide an idea of Reiner's level of delusion, he once stated that Biden is the "best president since Lyndon B. Johnson." That's the kind of crazy we're dealing with.

Reiner's outrageous claims and statements have also been the subject of multipole fact-checks on X, formerly known as Twitter, with "community notes" additions to some of his postings.

It'll be interesting to see what happens if Biden drops out or is unable to run in 2024.

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