Michelle Obama spotted in new outfit as speculation grows over possible 2024 run

 September 6, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama turned heads this week after photos emerged of her wearing what the Daily Mail called a "funky shirt."

It reported that Obama was seen wearing the outfit over her bathing suit during a Mediterranean vacation with friends on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Former first lady's tasseled top said to embody "vacation vibes"

"The mother-of-two dressed casually for the outing, donning loose black high-waisted shorts and a similar-colored tank top," the Daily Mail noted.

"Embodying vacation vibes, the top contained bead and shell embellishments throughout and had tassels hanging off of it," it added.

Obama "paired the look with brown sandals, a black handbag, gold hoop earrings, and dark sunglasses" while also sporting bright green nails and keeping her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Mrs. Obama hasn't just been in the news lately due to her fashion choices, as there has been some speculation that she may seek to replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's nominee next year.

Michelle Obama candidacy called a "fever dream" by conservative filmmaker

That is driven in part by polls showing Biden either tied with or even behind likely Republican nominee former President Donald Trump.

However, conservative filmmaker Ami Horowitz has dismissed the suggestion, recently telling Sky News Australia that it amounts to a "fever dream among Democrats."

"It's probably not likely, although it's certainly a fever dream among Democrats," the filmmaker said in an interview on Tuesday

"Democrats are desperate for someone to come in and take over the reins"

He went on to cite a NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey carried out last month which found that roughly two-thirds of those in Biden's own party believe the president is too old to serve another term in office.

"Democrats are desperate for someone to come in and take over the reins...to take over the Democratic Party and save it from itself," Horowitz continued.

"And Michelle Obama, I will say this, she has said she doesn't want it, she has said she's not going to run," he stressed.

"Although it seems like if she were to run, she would not only win the nomination, I think she would win the election handily as well," Horowitz admitted.

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