Mitt Romney claims Trump bragged about 'dropping' then-girlfriend Melania

October 20, 2023

Donald Trump bragged about being able to replace his then-girlfriend Melania at a New England Patriots game years ago, according to Senator Mitt Romney (Ut.).

In his new biography, Romney claims that Trump boasted about "dropping" his supermodel girlfriend and leaving every man in New York to fight over her.

The claim, which appears in the pages of Romney: A Reckoning by McKay Coppins, was immediately challenged by the Trump campaign.

Trump responds to rumors

According to Romney, both he and Trump were at a Patriots game with owner Robert Kraft.

Trump "sidled up to Romney's son Josh and pointed at a leggy brunette across the room," an excerpt says.

"'Have you seen my girlfriend, Melania?' he asked, smirking. 'When I drop her, the phone is gonna ring off the hook. Every guy in New York wants to go out with her,'" an excerpt from the book reads.

The Trump campaign issued a blistering statement calling the story a fake and calling Romney, who is retiring from politics, a loser.

"Mittens is a loser who is 'retiring' because he knows he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving another campaign," a Trump spokesperson told Rolling Stone.

"He should stop lying and creating fake stories in order to stay relevant. The fact is that he dropped the ball when he ran against Barack Obama and is partially responsible for the mess America is in.”

Sticking together

It's no secret that Donald Trump has always been a ladies' man. But a report like this from a Trump rival is sure to be met with some skepticism.

Romney is retiring from politics after a single term in the Senate, during which he remodeled himself as the conscience of a Republican party gone adrift under Trump.

Trump's relationship with Melania has been a subject of constant rumors - typically negative - since President Trump entered politics.

Despite enduring speculation of tensions in the marriage, sources close to the couple say they are sticking together as President Trump faces the possibility of jail and severe financial sanctions in what Trump calls a "witch hunt" to derail his presidential campaign.

Trump told reporters in Manhattan this week that his wife believes the $250 million civil fraud case against him is a "total disgrace."

"She thinks it's a total disgrace; she thinks it's very, very unfair, and all that it is is election interference," Trump said.

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