Trump's lawyers issue blistering response to Jack Smith's gag order

September 28, 2023

Donald Trump's lawyers blasted Jack Smith for trying to silence Joe Biden's chief political opponent in a heated court motion opposing Smith's request for a gag order.

Pulling no punches, Trump's legal team flatly accused Smith of trampling the First Amendment to benefit Biden's re-election campaign.

“The Proposed Gag Order is nothing more than an obvious attempt by the Biden Administration to unlawfully silence its most prominent political opponent," Trump's lawyers wrote.

Trump's lawyers strike back

Trump has called Smith a "deranged" partisan hack while lobbing similar criticisms at the judge overseeing Trump's 2020 election case, Obama appointee Tanya Chutkan.

In his sweeping gag order request, Smith claimed that these and other statements questioning the fairness of the trial would "undermine the integrity of these proceedings and prejudice the jury pool." Smith sought to downplay his audacious request by labeling it "narrow."

Trump's lawyers turned Smith's argument on its head - accusing Smith of trying to taint the jury and public opinion with a one-sided narrative.

They pointed to Smith's gratuitous "incendiary" statements at a press conference, where he insinuated that Trump caused January 6th, despite not lodging this dramatic accusation in the indictment, as well as the relentless drumbeat of anti-Trump media coverage as factors likely to influence the jury.

They blasted Smith's ridiculous claim that Trump somehow has the upper hand, noting that over 90 percent of D.C. voters chose Joe Biden in 2020.

Beyond the courtroom, Smith wants to stop Trump from defending himself in the political arena in the midst of a presidential campaign - while giving
"President Biden and his surrogates (including those in the corporate media) free reign to say whatever they want."

Show trial

Trump's lawyers also mocked the claim that Trump is somehow threatening witnesses. To the contrary, witnesses have readily volunteered testimony against Trump and in many cases "appear to relish" the attention they receive from the liberal media.

"If the prosecution wishes to avoid criticism for abusing its power, the solution is simple: stop abusing its power. The Constitution allows no alternative."

Trump and his legal team have also blasted the indictment itself, which cites numerous allegedly "false" statements about the 2020 election, as an attack on free speech.

It's uncertain how Chutkan will rule on Smith's request, but she and Smith appear to be on the same page. Like Smith, she has shown little regard for the appearance of propriety in the case, or Trump's unique status as a presidential candidate.

Case in point, the judge blithely rejected a motion Wednesday from Trump's team asking for her recusal.

Chutkan claimed that past comments of hers wondering why Trump had not been charged yet over January 6th "certainly do not manifest a deep-seated prejudice that would make fair judgment impossible."

This case is a blatant political hit job - good for Trump for fighting back against this sham.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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